Moving House...

This can be one of life's most stressful times

Ark Removals we have put together 10 top tips to help your move go as stress free as possible. 


Tip 1

  As soon as you know that you are moving you give Ark Removals a call, for a free removals quote

Tip 2

  You need to think about your packing materials,ie Boxes,Bubble Wrap,Tape,Paper,etc  How many you might need. Why not try Ark Removals for your packing service,we offer a range of different packing service.A full packing service which includes,dismantling of beds and flat pack items and resemble at your new address. Also we offer a part pack service which may include just packing your kitchen or just the study or any other rooms you might need help with,or even a bit of both we are here to help.

Tip 3

  De-cluttering could reduce your removal cost ,as well as giving you more space in your new home.Also a tip from Ark Removals is to car boot or sale any unwanted goods,which could help towards any removal cost,also there are plenty of charity shops which will love to help.

Tip 4

  You will need to let all of your utility company's know you are moving, Eg Gas, Electricity,mobile, phones,cable,tv,water, insurance company's and council tax etc, and the date of the move,also the address that you are moving to.

Tip 5

  You will need to let the post office know,so that they can re-direct your mail. 

Tip 6

  At ark Removals we recommend  that you put aside  some of these items,clothing,for you and your children,(over night bag) cutlery,food,any medication you may need,important documents you may need,and maybe any keys you will need to leave for the new tenants.

Tip 7

  Make sure that all your appliances are disconnected and ready for the move,also something to think about is will your furniture fit into your new house.

Tip 8

  Would you like to move into a dirty house? so a top tip from us is to give your house a once over.Maybe try our cleaning service that we offer,it saves you a lot of time and stress.

Tip 9

  Be sure to be ready,be sure that you have sorted out the parking for the removal trucks,and that all of the packing has been done,and clearly labelled,also if you have any pets make sure you have sorted them out.

Tip 10

  If you have marked and labelled all of the boxes correctly you will find unpacking a easy task,start with the rooms that are most important ie kitchen,bedrooms and so on.